Pbs Kids Free Games

Right here at Fizgames, we offer an even better user experience, because you can access thousands of games for boys and girls like the ones you find on PBS.

You can safely leave the tablet to your kid without worrying about weird suggestions that might pop up as the website is 100% kid’s games

On Fizgames, your child will not only be able to play games, but they can access digital coloring books and different educational material that will help them a lot. So Fizgames is an entertainment gaming platform that cares a lot about making your child smarter through games and simple puzzles. All of this and a lot more. 

Get Rid of That Baby Shark Loop

We’ve all been through the endless YouTube loop of the infamous “Baby Shark” track. Most kids can’t stop playing it. You can make your child happier by making them play some PBS puzzles on Fizgames as they’ll be controlling the characters they love in a game. It’s like an action figure dream come true for any kid; also you’ll spare yourself the headache of this super catchy song. 

Fizgames Couldn’t Be More Accessible 

Fizgames’ main selling point is how light and easy it is to use it, unlike other apps. It uses Flash, so the games are accessible. Fizgames is available on the Web, Apple App Store, Google Play Store, and Amazon app store. So whatever device you’re using you can play PBS kids on Fizgames. No consoles, no cables, no hassle.

It Will Save You a Fortune

Kids can be a killer for data quotas. How many times did you recharge the quota just for your niece to stream some Lullabies or to Download a 100+ MB game? PBS and Fizgames have solved this by offering Flash games which is much smaller in size so it will never hurt your quota. 

No Ads, No Malware 

Like any other free website, you’re expecting Fizgames and PBS Games to be filled with ads and pop-ups, but this isn’t the case. Even the video section on the website has more content and 0 ads. All thanks go to the Donors and developers behind this website. 

We know that you hate how the kids are tied to the screens and not going outdoors as much. But at least you can make better use of their screen time to teach them something new by making them Play PBS games instead of dealing with non-interactive content From YouTube or other.